Last updated: Feb 7, 2022

You can rely on your cosmetic dentist to provide the best braces for teeth straightening available for you and your family in the Bronx, NY. Whether you’re looking for adult orthodontics or your teen needs dental braces, partial teeth straightening, or retainers, you can trust the best orthodontist in the Bronx, NY to help. We offer the latest teeth braces and the most advanced and progressive treatment options without the need to extract teeth. 

Have you noticed that fewer people seem to have crooked smiles these days? It’s a phenomenon that is due at least in part to the increasing popularity of orthodontics, and because there is a far greater range of dental braces available to straighten teeth more comfortably and discreetly. If your teeth are crooked or overlapping or do not bite together correctly, many teeth straightening solutions can help to straighten them.

What Types of Braces Will Work Best?

Dental Braces in Bronx NYThe type of braces suggested for you or your child will depend on the recommended treatment plan. Teeth braces can be fixed or removable, and a removable brace may be suitable if only straightforward treatment is needed. However, for more extensive orthodontic problems, a fixed brace could be strongly recommended.

Even though removable braces are appealing, a fixed brace can guide teeth more accurately, producing more precise results and a better treatment outcome.

Sometimes headgear is also needed, but this usually must only be worn during the evening or night. Our cosmetic dentist will always suggest the teeth straightening option and the types of braces they feel will work best for your individual case.

Fixed Braces

Modern fixed braces today are quite different from the teeth braces you may remember during your childhood. They no longer need to consist of highly visible metal brackets, elastics, and thick wires. Instead, the brackets can be nearly invisible, made from clear ceramics and these brackets can be connected to thin or even tooth-colored wires with no need for elastics.

The reason why fixed braces can sometimes be a better choice is because they provide highly predictable results.

Our orthodontist will be able to move your teeth with a high degree of precision that may not be possible using removable braces. These modern dental braces are often designed to provide results relatively quickly, but you must be committed to looking after your teeth during treatment.

Removable Aligners

Removable braces often consist of BPA-free plastic aligners that can be extremely difficult to see once in the mouth. Not surprisingly, these are a popular solution and can be good for correcting quite a few common orthodontic problems. However, it is important to remember to wear the aligners and to be committed to wearing them for at least 22 hours each day. Ideally, they should only be removed for brushing and flossing and for mealtimes.

Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic Braces in the BronxThere’s also another solution that may be helpful and that is to use a cosmetic brace that may be fixed or removable.

A cosmetic brace isn’t designed to correct complicated orthodontic problems but instead concentrates on moving only the teeth that you can see whenever you smile or talk.

It could be a good solution for moving teeth that are only slightly out of position and often the results can be extremely fast, taking a matter of just a few months. The speed of treatment is also reflected in the price as the cost for cosmetic braces tends to be quite a bit cheaper than conventional teeth braces.

Does Treatment Hurt?

It is perfectly normal to have a little bit of discomfort during treatment, especially after a fixed brace has been adjusted or when you begin to wear a new set of removable aligners. This type of discomfort should quickly settle down as your teeth become accustomed to their new positions in your mouth.

Will I Need to Spend Ages Cleaning My Teeth?

Fixed braces do require a little bit more time to clean thoroughly, but there are many different tools that can make cleaning much easier and much faster so it really shouldn’t be a problem to maintain great dental health during this time. You might need to adjust your diet slightly, to avoid very hard or sticky foods that could break fixed brackets or wires.

Removable braces are extremely easy to use as they can be taken out whenever you want to brush and floss your teeth and when you want to eat.

It is important to make sure you clean your dental braces at the same time to keep them fresh and hygienic before you put them back in your mouth. With removable braces, there is no need to change your diet in any way.

What to Expect After Treatment

When you finish wearing your orthodontic braces, your teeth should have been moved into their predetermined positions, providing you with a beautifully straight and far more cosmetically pleasing smile. However, treatment doesn’t stop here, as you do need to wear retainers once you finish wearing your teeth braces.

Your retainers can be fixed or removable, as fixed retainers simply consist of a thin wire that can be attached to the inner surfaces of your teeth, permanently holding them in place. Removable retainers can look very much like plastic aligners, but it’s important to wear them as directed to prevent your teeth from shifting position.


Even adults will still need to wear retainers after orthodontic treatment. When your dental braces are removed, your teeth need time to settle into their new locations. The bone around them also needs time to remodel, as the tooth roots will have moved through the bone. As it gradually remodels, the bone will help to hold your teeth in their new positions, but while this is happening, it is essential to wear your retainers as directed by your dentist. Otherwise, all your hard work could be for nothing as you risk your teeth shifting back into their old positions.

If you are interested in finding out if orthodontics could be suitable for you, it’s worth booking an appointment with us here at the Dentist in the Bronx. You will receive an honest assessment as to whether treatment could help you, and if so which orthodontic system is worth choosing.

Do you have any questions about Orthodontic Treatment? It’s never too late to straighten your smile. Would you like more information about Teeth Braces or to schedule an appointment with the best orthodontic specialist in the Bronx? Please contact our advanced orthodontics clinic for a consultation. We look forward to helping you choose the most effective treatment and achieve a perfectly straight smile.