When you consider a dental bridge in the Bronx vs. implant costs, the dental bridge may be a better investment. And how long does a dental bridge last? That’s a primary concern you shouldn’t have to worry about when you visit a top Bronx dentist. Once you build a rapport with the best dental team in the Bronx, you can trust their recommendations. Their only concern is for your oral health and the oral health of your family.

If you’re missing a tooth in one or two areas, but have strong teeth surrounding the gap, you’re in luck, especially if the missing tooth is along the same arch, top or bottom. Getting a dental bridge is one of the dental alternatives for retaining the appearance of a full mouth of teeth. Having a bridge can make chewing easier, and it allows you to retain the shape of your mouth without having to go with full-on dentures.

If your top NYC dentist has discussed getting a bridge with you, you’re probably wondering why you should consider it and what’s involved. There are benefits of a dental bridge vs. implant that may be right for you. If you don’t want to have the appearance of missing teeth, come to your cosmetic dentistry center to discuss how a dental bridge can help you.

Why You May Need a Dental Bridge

If you have gaps in your teeth that need to be replaced, but plenty of strong, healthy teeth surrounding the missing ones, a dental bridge may be the solution you’re looking for. Dental bridges provide replacement teeth by working with two crowns that are anchored on each side of the bridge. These crowns may be natural or implanted.

If you’re weighing the risks and pain between a dental bridge vs. implant, bridges offer a quick solution and may be less costly. A dental bridge is cheaper than having implants and isn’t as time-consuming, either. The visits are typically split into two. On the first visit, the dentist scrapes away some of the enamel to create room for a crown to go over your natural teeth. He makes molds of your mouth, ensuring that when the bridge is ready, it’s a perfect fit. You’re given a temporary bridge to wear while you wait for the second visit.

During the second visit, your dentist puts the permanent bridge in place and checks to make sure everything fits properly. Sometimes, your new bridge is cemented right away, and other times, you may have to wait up to two weeks to make sure the fit is just right. If you don’t want to spend your workdays getting your bridge done, find a dentist open on Saturday willing to work around your schedule.

How Long Does it Take and is it Painful?

You should expect the whole procedure to take up to an hour and a half for each visit. If time during the week doesn’t work for you, look for a Sunday dentist in NYC. The procedure is usually painless. Before doing any work, your dentist numbs your mouth; the first visit might leave your mouth sore, since the dentist is scraping some enamel away.

As with most dental work, bridges don’t last forever. Ask your dentist, “How long does a dental bridge last?” and the answer you get is that they usually don’t need to be replaced until 10 or 15 years later. If you ever find your bridge is causing problems, seek help from a dentist right away. If it’s during the weekend, locate a dentist open on Saturday to get the help you need.

Taking Care Before, During and After

As with any procedure, let your dentist know if you experience any discomfort during the bridge-fitting process. Ensuring a proper fit is his number one goal. Once you have your permanent bridge cemented in place, you may want to avoid food that’s difficult to chew. Go for soft foods for the first few days, which will make mealtimes easier.

Any pain you have after the procedure should be mild. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help. Relax as much as possible and make your appointments with a dentist open on Sunday. This allows you the downtime you need to feel better.

Recovery Time Is Minimal

Make sure to keep your follow-up appointments and speak to your dentist about pain, if there is any. You may have some sensitivity after your initial visit. Your dentist may offer you toothpaste for sensitive teeth to help you recover and return to eating normally. If you’re wondering how long a dental bridge lasts, understand that taking care of it makes it last longer.

Once your bridge is on, make sure you’re brushing and flossing regularly. Proper care of your teeth extends the life of the bridge. Since dental bridges aren’t cheap, taking care of your mouth extends the life of a bridge, giving you a smile that lasts.

Do you have any questions about the dental bridge procedure in the Bronx NYC? For more bridge dental work information or to schedule an appointment with the best rated Bronx bridge dentist, please contact our Bronx dental center for a consultation.