When you need denture repairs in the Bronx, you need it fast. Broken dentures mean an emergency denture repair because your dentures impact how you look, how you speak and what you eat. Find a denture repair dentist for same-day denture repair. A Bronx dentist open on Saturday and Sunday can perform partial denture repair or full denture repairs. For broken denture repair, your Bronx Saturday dentist can get you back to your regular routine.

In terms of cosmetic dentistry, dentures improve your smile. Your dentures also enable you to eat and speak normally. Without them, you lose more than just your self-confidence. With a dentist who’s concerned for your appearance and a general dentist who also pays attention to your oral health, you’re in the best hands possible.

So if your dentures break — however it happens — it impacts your life. Your Bronx denture repair dentist, who’s also your family dentist, can give you back your smile — as well as your ability to chew. And if you need an emergency denture repair, your dentist, open on Saturday, can accommodate you. Full denture repairs and partial denture repair are available.

Why Dentures Break

Dentures are made from a variety of materials, including metal and different kinds of resin — mostly nylon and acrylic. When you need denture repairs, it’s often due to the molded resin breaking, cracking or shattering. It may be due to bent metal, too. While dentures are usually sturdy, built to last for a long time, you may require broken denture repair for many reasons:

  • Either full denture or partial denture repair is needed if you drop your dentures on a hard surface or step on them accidentally. Fortunately, you can get emergency denture repairs from your Bronx dentist, open on Sundays.
  • Even with dentures, missing teeth may cause bone loss. If it gets bad enough, it can change the shape of your jaw. Then your false teeth won’t fit properly, which can lead to stress fractures in your dentures.
  • Your dentures must fit properly to work correctly. Ill-fitting dentures don’t sit right in your mouth. They may cause all kinds of dental problems, and this situation also puts pressure on the dentures themselves that can crack or split them.
  • Age plays a role in dentures needing a denture repair dentist. Older dentures are more likely to be damaged than newer ones, either from weakening material or wear-and-tear.
  • While dropping your dentures is an accident, not taking care of them is a preventable problem. Do the right things — take them out at night, clean them properly and get little problems treated right away — and you won’t need a denture repair.

Why You Need a Professional Denture Repair Dentist

You can’t fix your dentures by yourself; you’re more likely to cause further damage. So, save money by going to a professional. Find a professional denture repair dentist, even if it’s not the same one who fitted your dentures originally. When you go to Dentist in the Bronx for your denture repairs, you get a dentist open on Saturday for emergency denture repair.

Some drug stores sell denture repair kits, but using them is inadvisable. It’s possible your denture repair dentist can’t fix your dentures properly afterward. For proper dentures repairs, seek a professional.

Even the need for partial denture repair requires visiting your dentist. Losing the use of your partial dentures can be devastating, especially if they cover gaps in your front teeth. Go to a dentist, open on Sunday, and you may be able to get same-day denture repair.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Whether you have full dentures or partial dentures, you take care of them the same way. Use your normal toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Brush the dentures in a circular motion before taking them out to soak them in a cleaning solution overnight.

Spending the time taking care of your dentures properly — and handling them gently — reduces the likelihood that you’ll need broken denture repair. Taking care of them keeps them in good condition, extending their functional life. Accidents happen, though, which is why your Saturday dentist does same-day denture repair, even for partial denture repairs.

Same-Day Denture Repair

As soon as your dentures break, contact your dentist. If it’s the weekend, a dentist open on Saturday, like your Bronx dentist, can often get you in for emergency denture repair. Same-day denture repair can save you a lot of anguish. As a denture-wearer, you know how much you rely on those dental appliances.

If your dentures need extensive denture repair or if the damage is extensive, requiring a new set, your dentist can provide you with temporary dentures to tide you over. So, whether your dentist fixes your existing dentures or fits you with a temporary set, you leave the clinic with working teeth. That’s the kind of same-day denture repair that works — both in the short term and the long term.

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