Tooth decay treatment is not something that can wait if you want to avoid further problems down the road. Luckily, you’ve found a dentist open on Saturday and Sunday who can cure tooth decay. Ensure that you and your family get the kind of dental care you need to stay healthy. Call your family dentist now before tooth decay is even an issue.

Tooth decay is something that most everyone faces during their lives. Tooth decay breaks down your teeth for a variety of reasons. If left untreated, the disease can cause teeth to erode and even break as time goes on. This can result in an uneven bite, expensive dental work and even tooth loss.

Tooth decay doesn’t have to be something that causes additional problems in your life. There are many types of tooth decay treatment that can repair the damage to your teeth. If you have managed to evade tooth decay this far, your dentist can help you continue to do so. Maintenance is the first line of defense against tooth decay, and your dentists (open on Saturday) want to help you avoid expensive treatment.

Understanding Tooth Decay

Tooth decay occurs when plaque builds on a tooth. Eating, drinking and not brushing often enough contributes to tooth decay. The combination of bacteria that don’t get brushed away and acids in your mouth create decay that leads to cavities or holes in your teeth.

Noticing tooth decay isn’t always easy. Going in for regular checkups is an important step to detecting tooth decay, since your dentist exams your teeth to look for problems. If you don’t have time to go during the week, visit a Saturday dentist who can assist you on the weekends and ensure your teeth are properly cleaned. It’s only professional cleaning that can remove stubborn, hard-to-reach plaque.

Knowing the Symptoms

The symptoms of tooth decay can be subtle, but they include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Small black holes in your teeth
  • Noticeable plaque buildup
  • A stained tooth
  • Sharp pain when biting down or clenching your teeth

When you start noticing and feeling the pain associated with tooth decay, it’s time to seek treatment from a top NYC dentist, since it means that the decay is advanced. Your dentist can help you with tooth decay treatment that stops further problems from occurring. Sometimes, it isn’t possible for you to have a dental treatment in the middle of the week. In that case, seek assistance from a dentist open on Sunday to get a jump start on finding out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Causes Associated with Tooth Decay

If you eat a lot of candy, drink juice and soda or forget to brush your teeth, you’re at a higher risk of getting tooth decay. Consider giving these sweets up in favor of forming healthy habits that won’t expose your mouth to so much sugar. Not only do sweets stick to your teeth, but bacteria feed on them, creating the acid that causes cavities.

If you feel like you’ve developed tooth decay and need help, seek assistance from a dentist open on Saturday. Your dentist can clean your teeth and treat any decay he discovers. When you’re seeking to cure tooth decay, there are options that stop the problem from getting worse.

Getting Tooth Decay Diagnosed

The best way to find out if you need tooth decay treatment is to visit your dentist. The examination often begins with an X-ray, allowing the dentist to see if there are any cavities starting to form. If you have a shallow cavity, it’s on the surface of the tooth, and easy for the dentist to fill.

Cavities that reach the pulp go deep, creating additional issues with the tooth. Your tooth can still remain intact, but more invasive treatment may be called for, such as a root canal. Look for a dentist open on Saturday to do this work so you can avoid missing school days or work days.

Treatment and Future Care

Tooth decay can be prevented by simple brushing and avoiding foods that are primary causes of cavities. Tooth decay treatment involves several options, depending on how damaged your teeth are. A varnish can help prevent problems from occurring. Although this doesn’t stop cavities, it’s useful for those who are prone to them, especially children.

Sealants are a step below fillings, allowing individuals with small cavities to have them sealed off. Fillings are designed for those who have damage below the enamel. Finally, a root canal may be the best option if you have damage that reaches the nerve of your tooth, causing extreme sensitivity and pain.

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