Last updated: Dec 6, 2021

Nerve pain in your mouth doesn’t have to keep you down for long. When you have a dentist in the Bronx that opens on Saturday and Sunday, you don’t have to wait for a weekday appointment, when it’s often at the most inconvenient time. Instead, rely on the top dental team in the Bronx to treat your tooth pain and help you keep your natural teeth.

Tooth nerve pain can strike when you least expect it. Sometimes, the pain is a sensitive feeling when you eat certain foods or drink things that are too hot or cold. Other times, it’s because the tooth has been worn down, and it needs the attention of top-rated dental experts.

Whether it’s constant pain or you need emergency dental care near me following an accident, getting treatment right away from a dentist open on Saturday can save your tooth. If you visit the Dentist in the Bronx, you’ll find a dentist who can prevent further problems from occurring and provide the treatment you need.

Understanding Tooth Nerve Pain

Tooth NerveTooth nerve pain occurs when the enamel in the tooth has worn down. This affects teeth below the gum line too, which are encased by cementum. Both of the elements in the teeth cover dentin, which is a gateway to the pulp of your tooth.

When teeth are worn down by tooth decay, gum disease and the loss of enamel, all these problems lead to tooth nerve pain. Tooth nerve pain makes it difficult to eat and drink, and you may even feel pain when you’re not using your mouth. Get the help you need by visiting a Saturday dentist. Don’t wait for a later appointment because this kind of pain can be really distracting.

Symptoms Associated with Tooth Nerve Pain

If you’re experiencing tooth nerve pain, you might feel sensitivity to temperature when eating or drinking. If left untreated, this can turn into a larger problem that requires your teeth being pulled or needing other expensive treatments, such as implants. By visiting your dentist as soon as you notice pain, you can take a proactive stance regarding your dental health.

Tooth nerve pain can range from a slight ache to a dull throbbing or even sharp incessant pain. It varies by individual, and it depends on how eroded your teeth are. Tooth nerve pain often emanates from deep within your teeth, where the nerve resides. It signals a problem deep within your tooth.

Causes of Tooth Nerve Pain

The cause of tooth nerve pain varies, but includes the following:

You may have forgotten to brush and floss, or you may have consumed a lot of sugary food and drinks that either caused decay or made your tooth pain worse. Certain foods can make your tooth pain worse, such as cookies, tomatoes and pickles.

Diagnosing Tooth Nerve Pain

At the first sign of tooth nerve pain, make an appointment with your top dentist (open on Saturday). You’ll undergo an examination and X-rays to see how far your tooth has been damaged. After the assessment, your dentist creates the best treatment plan to cure your tooth decay and leave your mouth healthy and pain-free again.

Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics if there is an infection, which you need to get rid of before treatment can begin. If you find that it’s too difficult to get a dentist appointment during the week, consider finding a dentist open on Saturday. That way, you can get the nerve pain treated as soon as possible.

Treatment and Proper Aftercare

Your treatment depends on how damaged your tooth is. If you have only slight nerve pain, you may have to switch to a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. You’re advised to avoid certain foods. In cases where the tooth pain is more severe, a root canal eradicates the pain and saves the tooth.

If you have exposed nerves in your teeth, your dentist may suggest having the tooth pulled and replacing it with an implant or dentures to preserve the look of your mouth. Fortunately, your top dentist practices general dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry, so he’s prepared to take care of both your oral health and your smile.

After having your tooth nerve pain treated, make sure that you brush with a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Tooth nerve pain doesn’t have to take control of your life. Visit a dentist open on Sunday, and get started today with the treatment process.

Do you have any questions about tooth nerve pain relief treatment in the Bronx, NY? For more information or to schedule an appointment with the family dentists of Dentist in the Bronx, please contact our dental center.